Why are modern politics so partisan and divisive?

How did our culture of envy, disengagement, and victimization come about?

Democracy is a contact sport that everyone should play. Contrary to what we’ve been taught, it is not a spectator sport designed for professionals. They only ruin the game.

There are many ways to get democracy wrong (calling a representative republic a “democracy” is one), but there are more ways to get it right: equal, in fact, to the number of voters in the population. Our guardians tell us that the game is over when we cast a one-time, win-lose, majority-rule vote. It’s not. The game isn’t over until we, the people, say it is; and the agenda—and those decisions—are best made by consensus.

This book is dedicated to the proposition that responsible adults like us can and should collaborate on determining the conditions of our own existence, making binding decisions about the things that matter most.

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Book Contents

  • Introduction: Democracy and DNA
  1. Who are Guardians and Do We Need Them?
  2. A Brief History of Guardianism
  3. Guardians and Private Property: Domain Versus Dominion
  4. Guardianism, Equality, and Fairness
  5. The Myth of Majority Rule
  6. How Political and Economic Guardians Cooperate
  7. Guardians and Private Profit
  8. Guardianism and the Law
  9. The Democratic Personality
  10. Three Myths About Participation
  11. Selfishness Versus Self-Interest
  12. Workplace Democracy: Can Employees Manage Themselves?
  13. Can We Mandate Consensus?
  14. Can Consensus Be Taught?
  15. Institutions That Promote Consent
  16. Life In a Consensual Democracy
  • Bibliography and Further Reading
  • Index

What Readers Say About Consensual Democracy

The Real Thing...ideas are most worthy of reference!
        - Brenda G, 8/29/12

Extremely interesting and relevant...I’m a computer scientist, not a political scientist, but I think both are converging on the same conclusion: consensual democracy has become feasible and necessary.

        - James D, 6/8/11

I am developing some curriculum for a ‘mobile’ high school...I will be comparing forms of government in Hong Kong, Australia, and Sweden, as well as looking at the idea of consensus in science, sociology, and wherever else I can make the connection! Thanks!

        - Don A, 9/22/09

We admire your research and clarity of expression in making [the] case for a transition from ‘Guardian’ life to ‘Consensual Democracy.’

        - David Reploge, Hot House Press, 9/20/04

...a compelling argument about the importance of political and economic autonomy...

        - Lindsay Jones, Public Affairs, 7/1/04

It is a wonderful piece...
        - Victoria Larson, Textere, 6/5/02

[Consensual] Democracy is very readable indeed and makes a strong case for the value of finding ways to encourage more citizen involvement in the governance of our country. I have enjoyed spending several hours dipping into various parts of it...a [wide] canvass of relevant literature...

        - Sanford Thatcher, Penn State University Press, 3/1/00

Buy it from Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle
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